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Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

I was recently asked: "How would you explain the benefits of working with an interior designer to a potential client who has never worked with a designer before?"

Here is my answer:

1) Access to new vendors and discounts

- Interior designers can help clients access new vendors and discounts or even purchase items at a wholesale price.

2) Improved organization/Budgeting

- A good interior designer will start out the project by making an auto-cad floor plan for you to ensure excellent furniture placement and size. Interior designers also ensure that the furniture will fit up your elevator or stair corridor. Clients do not always anticipate these issues ahead of time.

- Interior designers have realistic ideas of how much certain furniture pieces will cost. An interior designer should be able to help the client create a realistic budget item by item so the client knows about how much he or she should expect to spend on the project.

- Purchasing, ordering and delivery tracking are all an important part of an interior designer's job.

3) Project management and custom work

- Construction management is something a good interior designer specializes in. Often construction can be delayed if not properly managed.

- Great interior designers have contacts with mill workers and they will work together to create shop drawings to ensure what the finished project will look like.

4) Creative vision

- Most importantly, a great interior designer has a vision for the client's space that captures the client's personal aesthetic and lifestyle needs. They are trained to not choose furniture piecemeal and haphazardly, but with the final vision in mind. However, a great designer will never push his or her personal style on the client.

Are you ready to take the next step and hire an interior deisgner? If so, call one of our two locations:


Allison Dwyer


Long Island


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